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Minecraft PE 0.2.0

Minecraft PE 0.2.0
Look into the wonderful world of Minecraft 0.2.0. Fight your rivals, tame friendly creatures, and go on an adventure.

Features of Minecraft 0.2.0.

This version is a turning point among the first updates, since here, in addition to the basic mechanics, new ones appear that are already found in the modern original game.

Now players can choose the mode they want to play in: creative or survival mode. In survival mode, minecrafters will be able to get a unique gaming experience, trying to survive in a harsh world where dangerous creatures spawn at night. And during the Day you need to deal with the arrangement of your shelter and base, and for this you need to collect the necessary materials and resources.

Accordingly, now the game will have a smooth change of daylight hours, so that the game has similarities with reality.

Now Steve can die during the game due to various dangerous mobs.

There are also various blocks and tools, some of which are only available in Survival mode.

Minecraft PE 0.2.0


• Hostile mobs.
• The group is chasing Steve.
• They only generate at night.
• They burn out as soon as the sun comes up.
• They have more health than the player.
• Drop: rotten meat.

Other animals

In version MCPE 0.2.0, the first mobs appeared, namely:

• Sheep
• Pig

With the help of scissors, a sheep can be sheared, thus obtaining wool.

Prior to this update, users always played in creative mode, meaning they could simply build and collect items. Now there are two gameplay modes available - Creativity and Survival. Now Steve will fight and defend his territories. By the way, now you can see how much health and oxygen is left on the indicator.

While playing Creative, all items are infinite and available immediately, it is impossible to die.
Minecraft PE 0.2.0


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