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Minecraft PE 0.2.1

Minecraft PE 0.2.1
In the Minecraft 0.2.1update, in addition to the basic mechanics, full survival with many parameters, dangerous creatures and much more awaits you.

Features of Minecraft 0.2.1

Now the gameplay is divided into two modes - Creativity and Survival. In Creative mode, Steve builds buildings, travels the world, explores territories, he is invulnerable and can use resources an infinite number of times. But Survival Mode already complicates the game, as you need to extract resources to survive, as well as being wary of creatures that can kill you.


The team of Minecraft creators begins to fill the world with various creatures, including both friendly and dangerous - zombies. Among the friendly ones you can meet a sheep and a pig. They will be useful to you as you can get materials from them, such as wool.

For this, a new scissors tool has been added to the game. But at night, be careful, because you can be chased by zombies. These dangerous creatures attack in a group, and you may not have time to escape. But with the coming of the sun, they disappear, and you can pick up rotten flesh.

In survival mode, animals and undead are generated automatically, and in creative mode they can be summoned.


There are different blocks with functionality or just decorative - bookshelves. So far, they are only decorations, but in the future, they should also acquire functionality.

Sugar cane has appeared in the Sandbox, but you can't create sugar yet.


The first tools appeared:

• Stone shovel
• Stone pick
• Stone ax
• Stone sword
• Scissors

Get items in Minecraft 0.2.1. can be done by hand or with a new special tool.

Shears for foliage and shearing sheep appeared as an addition to the game.

Minecraft PE 0.2.1

Other changes

In this update, they decided to please the players with the appearance of a new type of control, which they called “Separate Control”. Major bugs have been fixed so that the game works correctly on all types of devices.
Minecraft PE 0.2.1


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