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Minecraft PE 0.3.0

Minecraft PE 0.3.0
Meet the new cubic world of Minecraft 0.3.0, where new features and functions have opened up for players. Craft items using found items, explore nature, and meet new inhabitants of this universe.

Features of Minecraft 0.3.0

The main innovation in this update was the Crafting Table, thanks to which it was possible to quickly and easily create the necessary resource, be it a tool, block or weapon.

Expanded the number of blocks and items in the game, as well as interaction with them.

Also, the developers from Mojang added a camera to Minecraft PE 0.3.0, with which you can take a screenshot inside the game and capture some cool moment.

Crafting Table

Now, to get an item, you need to create it, and for this, the Crafting Table was used. Any created item has its own creation recipe, which indicates the amount of resources.

A separate CRAFT button was added to the player's inventory, which opened the window for creating items and blocks. The interface was simple and intuitive.

To create a Crafting Table, you need to combine 9 wooden blocks.


In addition to sheep and pigs, a cow and a chicken are now running around the world of Minecraft. Steve can get a drop from these animals - skin from a cow and feathers from a chicken to create a book and paper.

Drops drop out after the death of the creature, or if the blocks are destroyed.


Added functionality for iron ore. Explore the world to find this resource. Iron will be needed by Steve to create weapons and tools. Survival will become interesting, because now you will have iron weapons to destroy the monsters.
Minecraft PE 0.3.0


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