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Minecraft PE 0.3.2

Minecraft PE 0.3.2
Remember how the blocky universe developed and try playing the earliest versions of Minecraft 0.3.2. Develop your world, craft items, and meet new animals.

Features of Minecraft 0.3.2

Yes, in previous versions all resources were never-ending. However, now all infinite items have become countable and can be smelted or obtained in another way.

The Mojang team has added a new functional block to Minecraft PE 0.3.2 - a Furnace. In it, you can smelt ore, creating new tools for your needs. And the ores themselves will become available for interaction.


Now you should not be afraid of encountering monsters, because you will have a furnace, with the help of which ingots are obtained from ore. And from them you can craft items such as iron picks, axes, and swords.


The problem of the limited world is still open. Therefore, with the constant extraction of wood, trees may end at some point. In order to prevent such a problem, the authors of the game decide to add seedlings, planting which players will replenish resources and grow entire forests. Of course, this will take a lot of time, but even here you can cheat and use bone meal to speed up the process of tree growth.

Steve can plant birch, pine needles and oak.


Fans of the game were pleased with the appearance of several new blocks for crafting. In addition to brick, wood, and cobblestone, 5 types of ore appeared: iron, diamond, gold, coal, and lapis lazuli. From it you can create tools and weapons.


The crafting system has been actively introduced into the game. Minecraft Advanced Touch Technology Interface System - MATTIS had a simple interface and was understandable to all players. Now you can craft almost any item in the game.
Minecraft PE 0.3.2


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