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Minecraft PE 0.3.3

Minecraft PE 0.3.3
Check out Minecraft 0.3.3 and what's new. Use your bow and arrow to take out pesky zombies and skeletons, fortify your base using the crafting system and new materials, explore the dark territories now easier with the torch.

Features Minecraft 0.3.3

This global alpha update delighted many players with new items and features. Now each player could use the camera to take a picture of some moment in the game.

Version Minecraft PE 0.3.3 brought a bow with arrows, new mobs, and items to the game. It is also important that it corrected the errors of previous versions.


Steve now has a bow with arrows to attack opponents from a long distance. To create them, new materials appeared - feathers and flint.
To get a bow, combine the threads and sticks. And to create an arrow, use a stick, flint, and a feather.

Camera player MCPE 0.3.3 will help to get the inventory editor.


The Minecraft universe is inhabited by both friendly creatures and dangerous hostile ones. The first type includes a cow and a chicken, which will walk with pigs and sheep already familiar to you. If you kill them, then you can get the meat of the corresponding mob and useful resources, such as a feather or leather, and wool from a sheep.

But at night, the world becomes dangerous for Steve as dangerous zombies begin to roam, and skeletons and spiders have been added to them.
Keep in mind that spiders do not burn in the sun, but they do not touch you during the day if you do not disturb them.

skeleton minecraft pe

cow minecraft pe


This is what the player can get after killing a mob or destroying a block.

For example, bone meal and bones fall out of the skeleton. And from animals’ meat. Collect these resources to create new survival items later.


Ore can be found everywhere in the Minecraft world. If it is smelted in a furnace, then you can get ingots, and then use them to create weapons or tools.

There are also 5 types of ores left.
Minecraft PE 0.3.3


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