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Minecraft PE 0.4.0

Minecraft PE 0.4.0
Minecraft 0.4.0 continues to introduce players to the amazing blocky universe and its possibilities. Now the game has a new mob, a bed, a chest, and a lot of food.

Features Minecraft 0.4.0

This update added new mobs to the world - creepers that had the ability to explode near the player.

The development team continues to delight fans of the game with the introduction of even more blocks and items.

Also, now you can adjust the difficulty of the game to be able to "turn off" all hostile mobs.


This Minecraft symbol appeared in this alpha version. This is a hostile mob that spawns at any time of the day and is ready to explode at any moment, destroying your building or you.

To protect your shelter, we recommend that you place torches with lighting around the perimeter to scare away mobs.



Of course, the number of items in Minecraft PE 0.4.0 has increased. Now, players will be able to use hoes for farming, as well as try to taste 6 types of food.

If you urgently need seeds, then use the hoe on the turf, after which they will fall out to you.

Note that it's best to eat cooked food rather than raw meat, as this way you won't get any negative health effects on your character.


It is clear that it was difficult to build something grandiose on previous versions due to the lack of a variety of materials. But in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.4.0, the list of building blocks and materials has expanded. These included a chest to help with survival, a bed to skip the night and save spawn points, a trapdoor, mossy cobblestone, and white wool.

It is important to note that white wool can be dyed using 11 dyes that were added in the same version of the game.

And the bed can be created from wooden boards and 3 wools.

new blocks minecraft pe
Minecraft PE 0.4.0


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