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Minecraft PE 0.5.0

Minecraft PE 0.5.0
Immerse yourself in the era of the first versions of Minecraft 0.5.0 and remember how the cubic universe developed. Meet the first mobs, blocks, go to the earliest Nether.

Features Minecraft 0.5.0

This version was a real breakthrough in the game. Added Nether support to the game for the first time, but only with the help of the Reactor block. This build continues to add several new items to the game.

In this version, the developers slightly redesigned the design by moving the health indicator to the upper left corner.

Nether Reactor

Since the old world of Minecraft was not so big, the implementation of a full-fledged dimension was impossible. But the authors of the game began to gradually introduce Nether into the game, adding a special block - the reactor, which sends players to hell.

The block itself Steve had to build and then click on it with his hand or sword.

After you see the inscription "Active!", a kind of hellish fortress forms around. Inside it in Minecraft PE 0.5.0 zombie pigmen and various useful things that you can pick up will spawn.

After the reactor cools down, it can be broken and then reused in your MCPE 0.5.0 world.

Nether Reactor

Zombified Piglin

This is a hostile mob that spawns in the Nether dimension. He is armed with a golden sword, so be careful.
Outwardly, he resembles standard zombies from the upper world. Becomes very aggressive at the sight of the player.

Zombified Piglin


Developers from Mojang have introduced new items into the game like:

• watermelon and its seeds;
• paintings;
• glowstone;
• web.


It is important to note that there are also signs in the game, but at that time they did not work, and you can get them using console commands.
Minecraft PE 0.5.0


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