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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
The new test version of Minecraft is already available for download on your device. In this build, a couple of changes in experimental features, 5 new things in general content, several improvements for parity with Java, and 24 fixes.

Experimental Features

This time 2 you will find 2 updates related to new content. Namely:

• The users take health damage if they fall off the Camel.
• In the hotbar the piglin's head will no longer cover parts of the creature's ears.

Major changes

There are 5 innovations in this edition, some of which led to errors. More:

• When crouching, the player will be 1.5 blocks tall.
• The player automatically bends down if there is no 1.8 blocks above him.
• The camera adjusts to squat.
• If there is not enough space above the head, the player will not get up from the crouch.
• Swimming automatically changes to Squat when there is not enough space.
• Problems with the mechanics of crouching, the authors will fix in future versions:
• 3rd person camera in blocks turns dark.
• Jumping doesn't always work when crouching in low lanes.
• There are problems with interacting with objects in small spaces.

Equality with Java

The Mojang team has been working on version parity. Updates:

• A bell connected to other blocks is not destroyed when the block breaks.
• When a player starts horses there is a chance to get a new kind of mob.
• Players can properly skip the night even with the dead.
• The animation of eating or drinking is displayed in the center at any screen size.
• As the player moves away from the Note Block, the sound gradually decreases.


The team have touched a lot of bugs in this version. Main:

• Players' HP is correctly reduced when interacting with certain blocks.
• Fixed an error loading maps version on version 1.8.
• When floating or hovering above the ground, all animations and items work correctly.
• Can get the second Written Book in inventory.
• The Furnace ready item slot is working correctly, now nothing is ejected from double-clicking.
• The observer works correctly and does not throw an error.
• If you put an incomplete block on the Funnel and throw an object at it, the mechanism will still drag the object away.
• Leaves from Mangrove trees properly decay without a trunk.
• The trident has the correct functionality in creativity.
• Shoulder parrot animations are not broken when the player is riding.
• Large creatures and objects are correctly drawn from a distance.
• Now in the window and the rules of the game contain updated information.
• When changing the way, the game is controlled, the items held by the character in the hands fall into the inventory or are thrown away.
• Adventure Maps display matching icons.
• Fixed item placement command.

Technical update

Added 11 new updates to optimize gameplay. Interesting:

• Changed the location of files with Tropical fish.
• Through the appropriate files, you can adjust the behavior of the Witch.
• Fixed a crash when using summon eggs.
• You can remove presets related to behavior.

Do not forget that this is a test version. We advise you to make copies of game worlds so as not to lose progress!
Minecraft PE for Android


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