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Minecraft PE 0.7.0

Minecraft PE 0.7.0
See what changes have been added in the major Minecraft PE 0.7.0 update. The development team has implemented Pocket Edition Realms, buckets to collect liquids, and eggs to spawn animals, as well as other changes and fixes.

Features of Minecraft PE 0.7.0

Back in 2013, Mojang released a new alpha version. In this build, the team added new features and functionality to the game, such as a multiplayer service, chat, and several new items.


Minecraft Realms is designed to be played with friends from two to ten people.

It was possible to launch your server on Realms using a subscription, after which you get the role of a server host and can invite your friends to play. By the way, they did not have to pay anything for the opportunity to play with you on the same server.

Although this is an early version of servers for MCPE, but it allowed the player to play with friends at any time and in any place where there is an Internet connection.


Iron buckets

It was in this update that an important item appeared - the Bucket, with which it was possible to carry any liquids, including water or lava, and even milk.

You can also collect milk in a bucket. This can be done if an empty bucket is used on a cow.

The game has a cake that can be baked using various ingredients, including a new one - chicken eggs.

Spawn Eggs

In this version, players can independently check out all the diversity of the Minecraft animal world using a summon egg in creative mode.
Now users will be able to call all four peaceful animals into their world.

Spawn Eggs


The developers have added a glowing block that destroys combustible blocks (for example, wood, wool, or planks), objects and sets players and mobs on fire.

Therefore, the player must think carefully about the materials from which he wants to build his shelter.

If you want to put out the flames, use a bucket of water.

Minecraft PE 0.7.0


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