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Minecraft PE 0.7.2

Minecraft PE 0.7.2
If you want to get nostalgic or find out how everything began to develop in the cubic universe, download Minecraft PE 0.7.2. See what has changed and what has been added. This update is an important step in the Java version of the game.

Features of Minecraft PE 0.7.2

Many updates have been made in this version. The appearance of the interface has changed. Added the ability to play a network game through Pocket Realms, added new practical items in the Creative Inventory. And the developers did a good job on the stability of the game.

In this version, a new feature appeared in the game, this is that a nickname is written above the players, this can be seen while playing on the servers.

Spawn Eggs

The player can add peaceful creatures to their world in Creative mode using summon eggs. This is convenient, since you do not have to look for them all over the world, but simply summon them using a new item.

Spawn Eggs

Realms Mode

The Realms multiplayer option has become available. By making a payment for the service every month, the user can create his own server and play with friends. Naturally, invited friends use this service for free, but they do not have rights to customize the world. This feature is only available to hosts.

Iron buckets

From iron, you can now craft a bucket and collect in it, for example, lava or milk. After pouring them in any place you need. Water can also be collected.

Iron buckets


New fire blocks can set fire to hot blocks, objects, mobs, and the players themselves. Now you need to take this into account and be careful near fire and combustible materials.



The Mojang team added the display of usernames above their heads. This mechanic will be very useful when playing on servers to identify users.
What's more, this edition includes support for the famous Unicode encoding. This is an encoding that allows you to use characters from all languages without exception. Required for correspondence on servers.
Minecraft PE 0.7.2


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