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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
The new month started with a new test version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition The developers changed the animation of mobs in the Experimental Content, made 5 innovations to the overall game, and also worked on the similarities between Java and Bedrock and eliminated 8 bugs.

Experimental features

We have 1 change. Namely:

• The Piglin Head and the Ender Dragon in the hot inventory no longer have animations.


Only 5 changes in the gameplay. The main thing:

• In a height-limited space, you don't need to hold crouch to use items.
• Changed the behavior of the controller buttons for better control in Minecraft.
• If the player falls on the boat, then there is an option to click on the new "Abandon the Boat" button.
• The side menu can be hidden while navigating with a controller.
• Now there is no data parameter for some commands for interacting with blocks, such as filling space with blocks or copying blocks and a few others like that.

Version equality

2 updates for more similarity between Java and Bedrock Edition:

• The spawning of Zombie Piglins has changed. They no longer spawn at level y = 11 or higher in the Nether.
• Mobs can crawl out of Minecarts into liquid blocks.

Corrected mistakes

A total of 8 errors were worked out. Main:

• Fixed slabs being placed on blocks if the area is covered by creatures.
• Visibility Through Blocks does not appear on partial blocks while Crouching or Mounting if the player is playing in third person.
• The ability to use blocks at the highest level of the world has returned.
• Armor is properly removed in the Creative Inventory.
• Fixed a crash when using the Structure Block.
• Commands with target selection work correctly.

Technical update

There are 6 changes regarding the technical part of the game.

Before installing the test version, we strongly advise you to make copies of the game worlds so as not to lose progress!
Minecraft PE for Android


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