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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
In the released test version of Minecraft has 4 innovations in experimental content, 6 new updates in the general game, and 11 fixes and technical amendments have been made to optimize the gameplay.

Experimental Features

4 novelties in Experimental content. More:

• The textures of the Bamboo Fence and Gate are rendered without the black bars.
• Righted the transfer of new blocks to old worlds through the Structural Block.
• Camels overcome obstacles one and a half blocks high without jumping.
• Adjusted the position of the Bamboo and Mangrove hanging signs in the creative inventory.

Similarities between Java and Bedrock

• Work continues to improve version synchronization. Added 3 items:
• Attacking an Amethyst plays the proper sound.
• Destruction of Dry bushes with tools works correctly, sticks fall out.
• Placing objects above or below the Bell does not destroy it.


This time 3 novations:

• In order not to burn out, the Witches in the fires drink a potion that protects them from fire.
• Icons for the menu of the In-Game Market have become slightly better.
• At the moment of automatic sneaking in low places, users can properly jump off the edge of a cliff.

Corrected mistakes

The developers touched on 11 bugs. Main:

• No Camera crash when going through objects on third person camera.
• The End Gate does not work for Spectators.
• The Redstone Source connects elements from all directions.
• It is not possible to fly if the player does not stand up to their full height and is in a crouch.
• Composters correctly consume materials when filling.
• The crossbow shakes when the Arrow is drawn.
• Amended the appearance of spawn eggs.
• Restored keyboard controls.
• The spawn command spawns mobs in front of Steve.

Technical update

This section contains 29 updates to optimize the gameplay and improve the technical part of the game. There have been far fewer flights.

In order not to lose progress, make copies of the worlds before installing the test version.
Minecraft PE for Android


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