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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
This week we were pleased with the new test version of Minecraft, which introduced a new Archeology feature and various tools. Also, among the new content we are waiting for the mob Sniffer and Torch Flower. There are 4 more changes and 6 fixes.

Experimental mode


Now there is an opportunity to search for ancient objects and artifacts. New items and tools:

1. Brush

• Allows you to purify Suspicious Sand and retrieve Ancient Remains.

Brush minecraft

2. decorated pot

• Crafted with 4 Clay Shards with different patterns.
• Brick can be used to create, but these sides of the Pot will be unpatterned.
• To drop the block itself during destruction, you need to use your hand.

Breaking with tools will only drop Clay Shards.

3. Clay shards

• Dropped by Suspicious Sand when using the Brush.
• 4 different patterns.
• Needed to craft a Decorated Pot.

4. Suspicious sand

• A fragile desert block that shares many similarities with Sand.
• When using the Brush, things will drop out.
• Spawns near Desert Temples and Desert Wells.

New mob Sniffer

• The mob that got the most votes at the 2022 conference.
• It is an ancient creature in the world like a dinosaur.
• Passive and friendly but cannot be tamed.
• Sniffs the area for ancient seeds.
• For reproduction, a new plant is used - Torch flower.
• To activate the mob, you need to enable the Sniffer option in the world settings


Torch flower

A new version of the plant. More:

• Grows in the Garden.
• Can be used for breeding Sniffers.
• Dyes can be obtained from this flower.

Major changes

There are 4 new items in section. Main:

1. Improved item swap animation. It plays in the hotbar with the same types and durability.
2. Fixed bugs related to the screen when playing Virtual Reality.
3. There are particle effects when villagers get angry while they are taking damage outside the village.
4. A foal may have better characteristics than its parents.

Version similarity

New changes have been added to synchronize the desktop and mobile versions. Namely:

• Fixed the work of the Funnels when disconnecting from the Redstone.
• Gast's volume changes with distance.

Corrected mistakes

1. This time we worked out 6 problems in the game. More:
2. You no longer need to have a stack of Leashes to use them on Elea.
3. Block sounds can be adjusted in the settings using the slider.
4. Crossbows will not be loaded after being fired.
5. Corrected Horse exit through Fence with Carpet.
6. The world editing screen works without errors.

Technical reset

Regarding the technical part of the game, the developers have made 6 innovations for optimization.
Minecraft PE for Android


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