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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Minecraft build is already available for download. Undoubtedly, this represents one of the final testing iterations prior to a major update. It comes packed with fresh tunes and a brand-new disc, along with a revamped Sculk Sensor. A plethora of bug fixes have been implemented, as well as several modifications.


• A new Record has been added, which can be found in the Suspicious Blocks of the Ruin Trail.
• New music will play in many biomes.

Sculk Sensor

There are three distinct phases that this block goes through - Inactive, Active, and Recharge. Each phase has its unique set of characteristics that dictate how the block operates.

Inactive phase

• The block remains idle.
• The block is worked out and the transition to the next stage occurs after the sound wave is captured.

Active phase

• Runs for a set time, which is determined by the block type.
• The normal block remains active for thirty ticks, while the calibration block works for ten.


• The next step, lasting ten ticks. The block does not produce any light or sound effects during this stage.


• Players can now acquire the Sniffer's Egg by obtaining it as a random drop from Suspicious Sand, which can be found exclusively within the ancient ruins situated in the warm ocean biome.
• Edited Trail Ruins and added a few archeological structures.
• Structures can form devoid of any grains of sand.
• There has been a notable increase in the production of Suspicious blocks.
• By utilizing Suspicious gravel found in these structures, one can procure a fresh type of loot.
• Clay shards received new names.
• The behavior of the Sniffer has been changed so that it can now be lured with Torch Flower Seeds. He will not go into the water for seeds. The animation has become smoother.
• Added correct hints for updating.
• The Camel dismount button has been optimized to offer an improved experience.
• By enabling the required settings, users can now view the location at the time of death, making it easier to navigate and track the location.

Corrected mistakes

• You can once again place plants on new types of blocks and moss.
• Correct generation of Ruin Path structure.
• Players get the correct drop from suspicious blocks.
• Changed the diet of mushroom cows.
• Adjusted the display of plants without dark colors.
• Players can now receive two dyes instead of one from the jar.
• Sniffer's excavation is accompanied by particle animation.
• Ladders do not break flight.
• The bees eat without voice acting of the player's meal.
• Revamped Armor Template symbols.

Known update issue:

• It is not possible to establish a connection to a local server that has been set up on a Windows or Xbox device.

Technical update

There are 21 updates in this section, which are downloaded only by modders.

Don't forget to back up your worlds before downloading the Trial Game so you don't lose your gameplay.
Minecraft PE for Android


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