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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Now you can download a test version of Minecraft for your device, which includes several significant changes.

The developers of this update improved 2 aspects related to version equality, and made 11 general changes, among which they added new achievements and the main menu background, as well as made 18 fixes and 29 technical improvements.

Version similarity

Work on the synchronization of the two versions of Minecraft continues. This time we are waiting for 2 innovations:

• The textures of Decorated Shields have a general appearance.
• As soon as the player gets the effect "Hero of the Village", an animation of bright green particles appears.


• 2 achievements:
• "The Landing of the Past".
• "Gentle Restoration".
• Background in the main menu has been updated.
• The text-to-speech function began to work better.
• The Sniffer Egg can be placed in water and lava.
• "Luck" does not affect the number of drops from the Pitcher.
• If you use Bone Meal, you can speed up the growth of the Torch by 1 stage.
• Vibrations persist after leaving the world.
• The screenshot does not show screen dimming.
• Added sounds for Sculk Sensor stages.
• There was a setting to change the duration of messages.

Corrected mistakes

Fixed a whole range of bugs. Main:

• Vibration is transmitted to the Amethyst block from the Sculk Sensor.
• While working with the Brush, the correct sounds are made.
• Uniform glow of Sculk Sensor tentacles.
• Bonemeal does not copy plants.
• Fixed Sniffer Egg sounds and block breaking with water or lava.
• Bone meal does not change the color of plants.
• A calibrated Sculk Sensor filters out vibrations better.
• Experience orbs are connected when spawned by a team.
• Set up third-person cameras in low aisles.
• Fixed crashes due to incorrect operation of the Brush.
• The music record "Relic" appears in the Trail Ruins.
• Fixed crashes from split screen mode.
• Mobs no longer lose their heads and textures render correctly.
• You can again use the keyboard for menus on different devices.
• Fixed reversed welcome animation on Android.
• The player will no longer get stuck on the death screen when respawning in VR.
• The sounds of an inactive button are not played.

Technical update

There are 29 innovations in this section that deal with technical improvements for modders.

Don't forget to back up your worlds before installing the test version of the game!
Minecraft PE for Android


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