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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
In the latest Minecraft update, a number of changes and innovations appeared, which led to the elimination of many errors and crashes in the game.

New option from Java version

Now, when a player receives an item, they can see its recipe. Added the following innovations:

• Disabled notifications about new ways to create items and blocks.
• You cannot use this function in Spectator mode.
• Inventory slider does not change when opening recipes.

Squatting and crawling

Introduces a variety of fresh modifications and bug fixes.

• If the player is on the Stairs, Crouch mode is not activated by default.
• Fixed a stuck issue when Crouching on Ladders.
• Correct display of the camera when using this option.
• The player can once again use the Quick Crouch Enchantment.
• Fixed the familiar Crouch function.
• You don't need to turn on experimental settings to use Quickcrouch.
• Fixed crouch animation being enabled when hovering under blocks.
• You can squat and crawl while flying.
• Hitboxes of creatures after they are generated in the world are correctly displayed.


• The symbol "/" has its own voice acting when enabled in the settings.
• The duration for displaying chat messages has been adjusted to a 10-second interval, while notifications have been reduced to a concise three-second duration.


• Fixed animations of Capes, now they depend on movements.
• Players no longer receive incorrect connection failure messages.
• Mouse and Gamepad work without errors when turned on together.
• Frequent mouse clicks do not affect operation.
• You can quickly switch from one vehicle to another.
• Pumpkin blocks now have the correct parameters.
• Mushrooms spawn on fallen logs.
• Marine Explorer has the correct brightness level.
• Sticks are not used to create Barrels.
• Nobody gets stuck in Loose Snow blocks anymore.
• Plays the correct sound when placing Books in a Carved Bookshelf.
• Improved interaction with Miscellaneous bookshelf.
• Updating the game version no longer causes mobs to disembark from boats.
• With the Gamepad activated, the cursor now moves seamlessly and accurately.
• Changed the size of the jump and dash bars for mounts.
• The command that shows the time displays the correct information.

Technical update

In this section, 69 updates have been added that have improved the work of testers and modders.

Do not forget to make backup copies of the worlds when installing the test version of the game. This is necessary to save your game progress.
Minecraft PE for Android


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