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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Minecraft most recent beta version is now available for download on all platforms. This update focuses on improving recipe unlocking mechanisms, introducing thrilling gameplay innovations, and unveiling a new game icon accessible to all Minecraft players.

Game icon

• There is a new style for the icon: more bright colors and minimalistic textures.

Recipe Unlock

New changes in function. Main:

• The /recipe commands work better and have added autocompletion.
• Now a notification appears when opening recipes.
• Updated unlock notifications, now they have sounds and different durations.


This time there were 5 innovations. Among them:

• Added missing sounds
• The particles emitted by cherry foliage now vary in appearance based on the player's proximity.
• Suspicious Chowder is no longer available to players in Creative Mode.
• Items remain in the hands of Villagers.
• Expanded joystick functionality and crouch mechanics.
• New localization of the button for synchronizing worlds.

Version similarity

4 updates for more similarity between desktop and desktop versions.

• Snow layers now differ in height.
• Gravity blocks are destroyed when they hit the Boat.
• Cherry saplings can be bought from the Traveling Trader.
• The Crawl camera has a new look.


Affected more than 2 fixes. Main:

• Players can now crawl under plates on the snow layer.
• The sound of taking damage from Thorns plays correctly.
• Anvil now produces the appropriate sounds.
• Mobs generate the correct weapon damage sounds.
• The sounds of the Lightning Trident have been restored.
• Using maps is accompanied by the correct sounds.
• Breaking glass in the Nether world produces the appropriate sounds.
• Hardened clay emits the correct sound.
• Respawn Anchors now emit the correct sounds.
• Teleportation of mobs to chunk borders has been fixed.
• Third-person vision no longer allows players to see through blocks.
• Combustion particles are now displayed even in Creative Mode.
• If the player is riding, then crouching or crawling.
• Hovering is now disabled during flight in Creative Mode.
• Crashes caused by incorrect chunk saving have been successfully resolved.
• The issue regarding End portal blocks has been rectified, ensuring their proper and consistent display without any occurrences of disappearance.
• Zombie villagers now display the profession of a Villager.
• The mouse functions correctly on Xbox devices.

Technical update

This section contains 39 innovations that improve the work of modders.
Minecraft PE for Android


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