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Minecraft PE 0.9.0

Minecraft PE 0.9.0
Check out the improved gameplay in Minecraft PE 0.9.0, tame the wolf and check out the new landscape generation!

Features of Minecraft PE 0.9.0

New mechanics, the appearance of which has been waiting for a very long time, finally appeared in Minecraft 0.9.0. It's about taming.

Other than that, this update has blocks, items, and more.

Finally, the world of Minecraft has become limitless, and to test any design, you can use the Super-flat variation of the world.


Landscape generation

Exclusively with the release of this version of MCPE 0.9.0, worlds became infinite, and limitless cubic space could be discovered. In addition, users could choose a Super Flat World, in which it is convenient to test or create something.

If you have an audition with a limited area, you could also select that world option in the menu.

Landscape generation

The siege of the village

There was also a siege in the game. Sometimes a whole crowd of zombies will appear near the village, trying to destroy it.

You also need human settlement.

Of course, you can just abandon the inhabitants in the hour of trouble, but you are not a coward.



The Mojang developers in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.9.0 have made it possible to subjugate wolves. Pairs of mobs you have appear, and then they are available to your faithful pets. They are natural to you from the habitat.


The world of Minecraft has not been replenished much by its other inhabitants. For example, Enderman have been added. You can't knock out their pearls with them yet.

Slimes spawn in swamps but don't produce slime. Villager is another new mob. He does not yet know how to open doors and trade.
Minecraft PE 0.9.0


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