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Minecraft PE 0.10.4

Minecraft PE 0.10.4
Play Minecraft PE 0.10.4 to feel the whole atmosphere of the first versions of the game, marvel at the graphics and textures, and explore new territories.

Features of Minecraft PE 0.10.4

• Improved stability and performance of the game by eliminating many gameplay bugs.
• Now the bed can be placed in any position.
• Worked out many textures of creatures.
• The damage system works correctly.

Huge mushrooms

This is a new type of tree that has a red cap on top like a fly agaric. Most often, Steve can meet them in the swamps. But they cannot be destroyed by lava, they are resistant to fire.

These are new structures that are not yet fully developed, so there may be glitches when generating them.

There are 2 types - white fungus and fly agaric.

Huge mushrooms


Each creature will have its own animation when moving or jumping. Slugs can bounce off any jumping surface.

Aggressive mobs now spawn multiple creatures to make your survival more difficult.

Children of animals will no longer drown in water bodies and die from suffocation, but swim across calmly.


Mines will now spawn on the surface in biomes. Look for the sign with the entrance, explore the territory and get useful resources.

But you should not lose your vigilance, because spawners are installed in the vicinity of the caves, which can summon hostile mobs, such as spiders.

Minecraft PE 0.10.4


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