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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
The development team has pleased the players by releasing an important test build of Minecraft for the Android platform. This update includes a total of 26 unique modifications, 2 leveling updates, and 12 reported bugs have been carefully fixed, making the gaming experience even smoother and more exciting.


• Corrected the installation of blocks when jumping and crawling at the same time.
• Healing a Zombie Villager multiple times does not reduce the price of goods.
• The witches are throwing potions again.
• Even more vibrations from various actions for the Sculk Sensor.
• Updated interface icons.

Similarity with Java

• Players can toggle flight while crawling.
• The gate icon looks different.


• Using scissors on a pumpkin - a sound is made.
• Hoglins make a sound when they transform into zoglins.
• Lava makes sounds.
• Pigs make a sound when they turn into zombified pigs.
• The color of the horizon remains constant, even when the player is beneath blocks.
• The snow golem now emits a delightful sound as it hurls its Snowballs.
• Items made from netherite do not cause sound when hit by lava.
• Resumed loading Realam.
• Restored teleportation from different dimensions.
• Restored outpost generation in the new biome.
• Projectiles cause a signal to Sculk blocks.

Technical update

There are several new features that will be useful for modders, maps, textures and testers.

Please note that new bugs and errors may occur in the test version, so make backups of your worlds.
Minecraft PE for Android


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