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Apocalyptic City Map

Apocalyptic City Map
If you don't have enough dangers, then we recommend downloading the Apocalyptic City map. Here, with limited resources, modified creatures and various dangers, survival will not be easy. Here, broken roads, abandoned buildings, and zombies will create an atmosphere like in the scariest films.

Apocalyptic City

The developers constructed an entire metropolis within the blocky realm, making this Minecraft map exceptionally vast. Navigating through it demands a considerable amount of time.

This environment, characterized by its post-apocalyptic ambiance, serves as an ideal setting for Hunger Games, complete with pre-existing resource-filled chests.

It's worth mentioning that this map is available for exploration in both survival and creative modes.

Apocalyptic City

Zombie Apocalypse City

Within this Minecraft PE map, you'll immerse yourself in the heart of a contemporary city ravaged by a zombie apocalypse.

Your task involves scavenging resources within forsaken homes and establishing your stronghold atop a skyscraper's uppermost level. However, a significant challenge lies in the hordes of infected individuals that roam the urban landscape!

Zombie Apocalypse City


The Zombiepolis map unfolds as an expansive and spine-chilling destination, transporting you into the eerie depths of an enigmatic forsaken city. Its unsettling ambiance is born from vacant structures and desolate roadways, an eerie departure from the typical Minecraft PE experience.

For those seeking camaraderie, a multiplayer mode beckons, inviting you and your friends to partake in a genuine role-playing escapade as you traverse this unsettling landscape together.


This fresh map provides an ideal backdrop for a zombie apocalypse scenario, where the world lies in ruins. This expansive locale is teeming with captivating structures, each harboring its own enigmatic history:

1. An abandoned hotel for guests, concealing dreadful secrets within its winding corridors.
2. The Ace Tower, frozen in time with its arrows, presumably marking the moment the city met its demise.
3. A towering skyscraper, slightly unsteady and sporting a dilapidated basement.
4. The deserted City Hall, once bustling with the city's workforce, now forsaken.
5. A vast central area within the location, serving as a prime battleground for confronting approaching hordes of zombies.

Every structure stands in a state of decay, concealed beneath layers of moss and overrun by winding lianas. In certain pockets of the city, entire forests have emerged, engulfing the urban landscape. With Zombiepolis at your disposal, you have unrestricted access to this haunting terrain, allowing exploration at any hour.

Zombiepolis (1)

Moreover, the map imposes no limitations on the incorporation of third-party mods, granting you the freedom to employ your imagination in crafting unique narratives and scenarios.


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