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1v1 Capture the Flag Map

1v1 Capture the Flag Map
Behold, this map epitomizes a one-of-a-kind 1v1 iteration of Capture the Flag, an exhilarating PVP challenge where two rival factions endeavor to unearth and transport each other's flags to their individual strongholds.

In this exclusive adaptation of Capture the Flag, we witness a showdown between two skilled players. Initially, both participants embark on the task of constructing their own bases and covertly concealing their flags within. Once your flag is securely hidden, simply signal your readiness by pressing the designated button. Once both contenders have signaled their readiness, they gain permission to venture across the battlefield.

Utilize shears to strategically dismantle blocks in your quest to uncover the rival's hidden flag, while employing swords to thwart the opponent's efforts to locate your own flag. Once you successfully secure the rival player's flag, execute a swift retreat to your own side and activate the capture mechanism by pressing the designated button.

1v1 Capture the Flag (1)

1v1 Capture the Flag (2)

1v1 Capture the Flag (3)

1v1 Capture the Flag (4)


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