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Trident Pole (A 1v1 Minigame) Map

Trident Pole (A 1v1 Minigame) Map
Introducing an exclusive custom map known as "Trident Pole" This unique mini-contest, freshly crafted for your gaming pleasure, centers around a thrilling battle of wits and precision.

In this challenge, two competitors stand poised for a showdown. Each participant appeared in front of a towering pole, which is their designated fortress. At the commencement of this engaging spectacle, a trident gracefully emerges from the central dispenser.

The primary objective? Seize the trident and expertly launch it toward the concealed target located on the rear side of the adversary's pole. A successful strike upon this elusive target translates into an outright victory.

Mastery of shields becomes imperative in this dynamic face-off, as both contenders are a mere two strikes away from defeat. Should one player succumb to the relentless onslaught, their hold on the trident relinquishes, and it gracefully returns to the awaiting arms of the central dispenser.

Additionally, participants enjoy the remarkable advantage of heightened jump capabilities throughout the entirety of this electrifying challenge, allowing for strategic maneuvering and acrobatics in the pursuit of victory.


Trident Pole (1)

Trident Pole (2)

Trident Pole (3)

Trident Pole (4)
Trident Pole (A 1v1 Minigame) Map


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