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SlimeBall Map

SlimeBall Map
Hey Minecraft enthusiasts! Prepare for an exceptional gaming adventure with the SlimeBall map. This innovative minigame introduces a soccer match where the ball is none other than a lively slime. Here's your playbook for maximum enjoyment:

Map Introduction: Immerse yourself in the excitement within a specially crafted soccer arena where the spotlight shines on a slime ball.

This imaginative take on the traditional game ensures an exhilarating match that will keep you engaged throughout.

SlimeBall Map

Gameplay Instructions:

1. Lobby Exploration: Upon entering, explore the lobby where you'll find map credits and get a sneak peek of the stadium. The referee is your go-to guide for initiating the game.

2. Two-Player Mode: Only two players can play at a time, ensuring an intense one-on-one soccer showdown. Others can spectate from the bench and cheer on their favorite players.

3. Referee Interaction: Players interact with the referee to choose their teams—Blue or Red. The referee ensures a fair and engaging match, so pay attention to the instructions.

4. Goal Scoring: The objective is simple—score goals by getting the slime ball into the opponent's net. The game notifies you when a goal is scored, and the excitement continues for the next point.

5. Winning Conditions: The first player to score four goals emerges victorious. Fast-paced rounds keep the adrenaline pumping, and you can always use swords for quicker matches.

SlimeBall (1)

Map Clarifications and Improvements:

• The map operates on command blocks, ensuring compatibility with most devices.
• Additional swords in the lobby allow for faster-paced matches.
• Future updates are on the horizon, with new game modes, locations, and enhanced player capacity planned based on community support.


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