Roblox Mod

Roblox Mod
Obtain the Roblox Mod for MCPE to infuse your world with elements from a renowned gaming platform and introduce novel beings.

What's in this mod?

If you like the Roblox universe, then these mods are a great opportunity to combine two worlds and enjoy new features in the pixel universe. You will notice characteristic elements from the inspired platform in Minecraft.

jump roblox

This modification introduces fresh alterations to the standard jump animation, enhancing the player's leaping experience. Moreover, it offers an immersive audio transformation that faithfully replicates the sound effects from the inspiring source game.

Of particular note, the sounds related to receiving damage and meeting one's demise undergo significant enhancements as well.

All functions are perfectly compatible with different modes and servers.

take damage roblox

Death Sound

The Roblox Mod completely transforms the auditory dimension of Minecraft PE, delivering a one-of-a-kind auditory experience. It focuses on reimagining the animation of the sound when a player dies. This modification becomes evident when Steve suffers harm from various sources, such as enemy attacks or projectile impacts.

Death Sound

Regardless of the nature or origin of the damage inflicted upon the player, the unmistakable sound signature of the Roblox platform will consistently manifest. This means that players will hear the modified death sound in the following scenarios:

1. When exposed to fire.
2. Upon sustaining damage from falls.
3. During encounters with hostile mobs or other players.
4. When struck by projectiles.
5. In the event of death resulting from any cause.

Roblox Doors

The unique Roblox Doors modification seamlessly incorporates iconic creatures from a beloved game into the vast expanse of Minecraft, guaranteeing players an exceptional journey through this virtual terrain filled with wonder and excitement. Within this immersive world, eerie protagonists take the shape of colossal visages, enigmatic doors that yield solely to a designated key, and a multitude of other intriguing surprises awaiting discovery.

Roblox Doors


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