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Birds Add-on 1.20+

Birds Add-on 1.20+
Within the Birds addon, four new species of real-world avian creatures, including eagles and vultures, have been seamlessly incorporated. This modification is designed to bestow an enhanced aesthetic appeal upon your Minecraft realm.


Among these additions is the formidable vulture, renowned for its predatory prowess as it soars at remarkable altitudes, diligently tracking down its prey.
Then there's the agile eagle, an exemplar of aerial maneuverability and speed, often ascending to such heights that it becomes almost imperceptible in flight.

The seagull, a frequent sight gliding gracefully over rivers and seas, has also been introduced.

Finally, there's the common bird, a ubiquitous flyer that can be spotted traversing the skies anywhere you venture in the game.

Birds (1)

Birds (2)

Birds (3)

Birds (4)


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