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Modern Military II Add-on 1.20+

Modern Military II Add-on 1.20+
Gear up for a modern warfare experience in Minecraft with the Modern Military II addon! This dynamic expansion introduces a diverse array of contemporary weaponry, including the likes of Castov 762 (AK-103), AK-74, MP-5, X-16 (Glock 21), M4, Riveter, Scar H, TAQ-V, Minigun, Grenade, and even Airdrops.

Ready your weapons, hone your skills, and engage in adrenaline-pumping warfare as you navigate the pixelated battlegrounds of Minecraft. With this mod, every encounter becomes a dynamic and intense experience.

Key Features:

• Immerse yourself in realistic gunplay with a selection of high-powered firearms.
• Equip your arsenal with a variety of scopes, enhancing your accuracy and precision in battles.
• Unleash the firepower of the Minigun, a formidable weapon exclusive to the Juggernaut armor.
• Experience thrilling airdrops, unlocking rewards and loot as you achieve 15 victories.
• Master the art of strategic explosions by triggering a powerful blast after defeating 20 enemies.
• Enjoy inspection animations for all your weapons, adding a touch of realism to your combat routine.
• Reload with ease by clicking on the ground, ensuring a seamless and swift transition in the heat of battle.


Modern Military II (1)
Modern Military II (2)
Modern Military II (3)
Modern Military II (4)
Modern Military II (5)


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