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Camouflage Doors Add-on 1.20+

Camouflage Doors Add-on 1.20+
Looking to add an element of secrecy to your Minecraft PE adventures? The Camouflage Doors addon is your perfect solution! Say goodbye to the struggle of hiding entrances to your secret hideout. This mod transforms the appearance of doors, making them blend seamlessly with various blocks. Imagine crafting a door that looks like solid stone on a rocky mountain or setting up traps with disguised trapdoors.

Choose from an array of materials to create your camouflage doors, including andesite, brick, granite, obsidian, and even glass. The possibilities are vast, allowing you to create entrances that perfectly match your surroundings.

Camouflage Doors craft

Crafting these unique doors is a breeze with the dedicated crafting table provided by the mod. It ensures you have complete control over the appearance of your doors and trapdoors. Want the bark side of wood to face outwards? No problem! Just activate Sneaking mode while placing the block.

Enhance your Minecraft PE experience by adding a touch of stealth and creativity with the Camouflage Doors mod. Build your secret lair or design clever traps without giving away the game.

Check out the screenshots for inspiration!

Camouflage Doors (1)

Camouflage Doors (2)

Camouflage Doors (3)


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