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Dynamic Lights Add-on 1.20+

Dynamic Lights Add-on 1.20+
Brighten up your Minecraft adventures with the Dynamic Lights addon! Now, holding items like torches not only lights your way through dark caves but also emits a warm glow around you. Say goodbye to placing torches everywhere, saving valuable resources.

Key Features:

1. Holdable Light Sources: Items that emit light, such as a torch or lava bucket and the like, can be held in your hand or equipped in an off-hand slot, providing instant illumination as you explore.

2. Dropped Item Illumination: If you throw away a glowing item, it will continue to emit a glow, offering a practical solution for illuminating your surroundings without the need for additional lighting sources.

3. Glowing Items: added a variety of lighting items that emit light, adding a vibrant and visually appealing look to your inventory.

4. Mob Illumination: Some mobs that are somehow connected to a light source, such as the Magma Cube, will now glow in the dark, making encounters more visually dynamic and immersive.

5. New Items: In this version of the mod, two more new items have appeared that can be created and used in travel (The off-hand torch) or dungeon exploration (Miner's Helmet).

Check out the screenshots to see the stark contrast in object illumination before and after installing the mod. Download Dynamic Lights now and bring a whole new level of radiance to your Minecraft world!

Dynamic Lights (1)

Dynamic Lights (2)

Dynamic Lights (3)


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