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Tesla CyberTruck Add-on

Tesla CyberTruck Add-on
Introducing the Minecraft version of the highly anticipated Tesla in the new Tesla CyberTruck addon! While the real-world release might be in the future, in our blocky universe, you can get your hands on it right now. This add-on brings the CyberTruck to your Minecraft world, offering players the chance to not only admire but also cruise around in this futuristic vehicle.


1. Realistic Appearance: The CyberTruck is meticulously designed to mirror its real-world counterpart. From the sleek front to the robust back, experience the iconic look of Tesla's groundbreaking pickup.

2. Easy Removal: To part ways with your CyberTruck, simply crouch and give it a gentle hit. Convenience at your fingertips!

3. Spacious Storage: Your CyberTruck isn't just about style; it's functional too. With a generous inventory boasting 27 slots, players can store a multitude of items while cruising through the Minecraft landscape.

4. Dynamic Animation: Watch as the wheels turn and the steering wheel moves, adding a touch of realism to your CyberTruck experience. Custom sounds further enhance the immersive driving sensation.

Check out the screenshots to get a glimpse of how the CyberTruck will roll through your Minecraft world!

Tesla CyberTruck (1)

Tesla CyberTruck (2)


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