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Magic Mirror Addon

Magic Mirror Addon
Get the Magic Mirror Addon for Minecraft PE and discover captivating new teleportation effects within the game! If you're in search of innovative methods to traverse the virtual expanse of Minecraft, then this mod is a must-download. With the magic mirror, you gain the power to whisk yourself away to various locations in the blink of an eye.

This teleportation ability proves invaluable, especially during intense battles with adversaries, allowing you to vanish in an instant and safeguard your character.

For those partaking in multiplayer adventures, this unconventional feature becomes a handy tool. It enables you to stealthily slip out of your friends' field of vision, granting you the upper hand during group gameplay.

The ingenious minds behind the magic mirror mod have crafted a seamless means for Minecraft adventurers to traverse the expansive game world via teleportation.

effects magic mirror

They've introduced a collection of novel items to facilitate this, comprising six distinct mirrors, each endowed with its own unique attributes:

1. Gold Mirror
2. Diamond Mirror
3. Netherite Mirror
4. Magic Mirror
5. Ice Mirror
6. Iron Mirror

golden magic mirror

An additional curiosity in this mod is the "recall potion."

To unlock the full array of items offered by the magic mirror mod within Minecraft PE, players must ensure that they activate the experimental mode at the time of world creation.

potion magic mirror

It's worth highlighting the enchanting animations that accompany the utilization of the teleportation feature in the game. This add-on not only bestows players with fresh functionality but also treats them to a visual spectacle of stunning effects.

The magical mirrors in this mod come in various materials, including iron, diamond, and netherite, each serving to transport players back to their initial spawn point. The golden mirror, on the other hand, offers a slightly broader teleportation range, keeping Minecraft players in close proximity to their original spawn location. Notably, the magic and ice mirrors operate differently by consuming experience points instead of depleting durability.

netherite magic mirror

In parallel, the recall potion shares a similar functionality, allowing players to achieve the same teleportation objectives.

The player can obtain all new items by going to the creative inventory.


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