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Ballista Add-on

Ballista Add-on
Introducing the Ballista addon, a game-changer that brings powerful ballistas into your Minecraft world. These mighty weapons aren't just for show—they're here to help you take on mobs, bosses, and even other players if the need arises.

Addon Highlights:

1. Ballista Basics: The Ballista is your go-to defense against surrounding monsters. With its formidable power, it can turn the tide in your favor during intense battles. Simply equip it with arrows or fire arrows to unleash its potential.

2. Crossbow Transformation: Modify your Ballista with a crossbow to switch its focus from monsters to players. Once transformed, it becomes a relentless force, attacking any player in its line of sight, regardless of alliances. Prepare for strategic player-vs-player encounters!

3. Versatile Ammunition: Customize your attack strategy by choosing between regular arrows and fire arrows. The Empty Ballista, Fire Ballista, and Cannon can all be equipped with these different types of ammunition, adding variety to your arsenal.

4. Cannon Power: The addon doesn't stop at ballistas. Introducing the Cannon—a robust weapon designed to take on monsters. Like the Ballista, it can be modified with an iron block to target players, making it a versatile tool in your offensive toolkit.

Whether you're fending off hordes of monsters or engaging in thrilling player battles, the Ballista addon provides the firepower you need. Equip your ballista, load your ammunition, and get ready to face the challenges that await.

Explore the screenshots to get a visual taste of the Ballista addon in action

Ballista (1)

Ballista (2)

Ballista (3)

Ballista (4)

Ballista (5)

Ballista (6)

Ballista (7)


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