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Wolf Forever Add-on

Wolf Forever Add-on
Welcome to Wolf Forever, the addon that takes pet care in Minecraft to a whole new level! Now, your loyal wolf companion can enjoy the comfort of its own house, adding a touch of coziness to your in-game experience. Let's dive into the features and functionalities of this fantastic addon:

1. Shelter for Companions:

• Select from a variety of twenty-two distinctive designs for your wolf's dwelling.
• Discover the ideal match for any indoor setting or establish a snug space outdoors.
• Adjust the orientation of the pet house to your liking by giving it a swift tap before placement.

housing spinning

wolf housing

2. Slumber Preferences:

• Manage your wolf's sleep patterns with the introduction of the new sleep mode.
• Permit or restrict your wolf from resting in its abode by switching between modes.
• A color-shifting circle beneath the wolf indicates its present sleep mode.

3. Three Unique Modes:

• Hostile Mode: Watch your wolf become an aggressive protector, actively seeking potential threats.
• Peaceful Mode: Enjoy moments of tranquility as your wolf ignores everything around, embracing a peaceful demeanor.
• Knocked Out Mode: When your wolf's health depletes, fear not! Bring it back without losing your loyal companion.



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