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New Adventure Plus Add-on 1.18+

New Adventure Plus Add-on 1.18+
Friends, I want to present you the New Adventure Plusaddon. Now in the vastness of the cubic universe there will be new creatures, food, new functions and features, new behavior of mobs and many other cool gameplay elements. With this add-on you will immerse yourself in a completely new adventure in Minecraft.

Chest with all things

Contains many items from this expansion. Generation command: /structure load chest_addons ~ ~ ~.

New Adventure Plus (1)

Gourd of Souls

Crafted with a pumpkin and a soul torch.

New Adventure Plus (2)

Deep cave monster

• Generated in deep caves in the water. Hostile and dangerous.
• Created from a creature prototype submitted to the 2017 mob vote.

New Adventure Plus (3)

Creature Glare

Lives in lush caves. Beware of other dangerous mobs.

New Adventure Plus (4)


Generated all over the world. The dead souls of miners, farmers and other villagers rest here. If you decide to dig, you can find something there, for example, a button from your clothes.

New Adventure Plus (5)

Brown spider

Generates in deep caves. Imposes a wither effect on the player when attacking. Drop: special eye.

New Adventure Plus (6)

No more ship

The destroyed ship turned into a cozy cute house with pirates.

New Adventure Plus (7)


• Spawns in rivers, beaches, lakes, oceans.
• When destroyed, you can get a claw with meat (can be cooked).
• Beach looking animal can wear a nautilus shell.
• Reproduction: sea grass, dried kelp and tropical fish.
• A mushroom crab is available that eats mushrooms and breeds with red fungus or seagrass.

New Adventure Plus (8)

Superior beach

The beaches were filled with palm trees with coconuts, the shores became clean.

New Adventure Plus (9)

White enderman

• Spawn: warped forest (Nether).
• Based on myths from game version 1.8.
• Extremely rare, there is a trophy.

New Adventure Plus (10)

Ender Phantom

Phantom option for Edge measurement. Spawns in the End. An extremely dangerous mob, it is better not to stumble upon it or have good equipment.
You can find their nests - they do not care about offspring.

New Adventure Plus (12)

Cruel enderman

Extremely rare, but valuable mob because of its drop. Generated in Deep Ender.

New Adventure Plus (13)

New frames

You can paint in 16 colors, and also create frames with youtubers. Can be used as a beautiful decoration.

Crafting recipe: combine 8 sticks and paper.

New Adventure Plus (14)
New Adventure Plus (15)

Red phantom

Appears at night, and it doesn't matter if the player's character is sleeping. Can destroy a sheep farm, be careful.

New Adventure Plus (16)


• The crafting recipe includes: wool, lead, phantom membrane.
• Can be given any color.
• You need to activate the educational mode.

Ice bomb

Crafting recipe: combine four ice and a snow globe.

New Adventure Plus (17)

New flowers will appear in this addon.

Rose - you can get a dye, sometimes blue. You can make soup.

New Adventure Plus (18)

Cactus flower - grows in the desert, you can also take dye and soup from it.

New Adventure Plus (19)

Mesa desert tower

New Adventure Plus (20)

There are rumors that chests with valuables can be found here.

Surface ships that add new blocks.

New Adventure Plus (21)

Jungle well 100% to explore.

New Adventure Plus (22)

Jungle Post looks very unusual.

New Adventure Plus (23)

There will be a rare Abyssal Amethyst Ore in the game.

New Adventure Plus (24)

Taiga bear

New Adventure Plus (25)

Generates in forest biomes. Will protect the forest. Strong animal.

There will be new types of drowned, zombies and skeletons, which will have updated skins.

New Adventure Plus (26)

Copper armor

Protection is similar to iron, but the strength is much lower. Crafted from copper ingots.

New Adventure Plus (27)

Skin of rotten flesh

It can be obtained from rotten flesh with some modifications.

New Adventure Plus (28)

Hunger Item

Can be obtained in creative mode. Inflicts hunger when eaten.

New Adventure Plus (29)

Be sure to activate the Experimental options in the world settings.
New Adventure Plus Add-on 1.18+


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