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Teleport Stone Add-on 1.20+

Teleport Stone Add-on 1.20+
Introducing the Teleport Stone addon, a handy solution for those tired of long journeys back home in Minecraft. This simple yet effective addon streamlines travel by allowing players to teleport between locations with ease.

Establishing the Teleport Stone is simple:

1. Create a teleport compass and teleport stone.
2. Position the teleport stone where desired.
3. Upon interacting with the stone, a menu will emerge.
4. Assign a number to label the location uniquely.
5. Utilize the teleport stone or compass for rapid travel between locations.

Teleport Stone (1)

Teleport Stone (2)

Teleport Stone (3)

Crafting Formulas:

- Teleport Stone
- Teleport Compass

Teleport Stone (4)

This addon is not only convenient for single-player gameplay but also compatible with multiplayer and other addons. However, it lacks a personal place system for marking specific locations.

For optimal use, it's recommended to employ this addon among trusted players who can utilize its teleportation capabilities responsibly. Experience effortless navigation across your Minecraft realm with the Teleport Stone addon, leaving behind time-consuming travels.


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