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Quick Mining Add-on 1.20+

Quick Mining Add-on 1.20+
The Quick Mining addon enables players to swiftly extract ore veins and chop down whole trees. As a player mines a block, adjacent blocks of the same kind also break, setting off a domino effect where nearby similar blocks continue to break in sequence.


- The mod honors tool enchantments. Using Fortune-enhanced pickaxes results in greater ore yields. Tools with Unbreaking last longer. Coal and other XP-generating ores rejuvenate Mending tools. Silk Touch can yield a variety of items based on the block mined.

- It accurately depletes tool durability. Unlike other vein-mining mods that consume tool durability equivalent to one usage for an entire vein, this mod uses durability per block mined, balancing its power.

- Rapid leaf decay is a feature. Using an axe to cut logs also instantly breaks the leaves without extra wear on the tool.

- Auto-collection of items and XP. Mined items go straight to your inventory. XP orbs follow suit, prioritizing repair of damaged Mending tools and armor.
- Customizable settings are available. The mod includes a user interface for customization, allowing you to control aspects like quick-mining activation and block type preferences.

- Compatible with other mods. This mod avoids common issues like modifying the player.json file, ensuring compatibility with other addons.

How to Use:

Activate quick-mining by using the appropriate tool while crouching. For instance, chopping wood requires an axe and mining ores necessitates a pickaxe. Remember, using your hands won't activate quick-mining.

Unique Situations:

- Logs: When you cut through regular, non-stripped logs, adjacent natural leaves will also break. This mimics rapid leaf decay without wearing down your axe or applying its enchantments. To collect leaves, use shears or a Silk Touch-equipped hoe.

- Mangrove Trees: Chopping down mangrove logs or roots will bring down the entire tree, including any moss carpets connected to them.
- Azalea Leaves: Breaking either type of azalea leaf (flowering or not) will also break its counterpart.

- Giant Mushrooms: When you mine any mushroom block, whether red or brown, the corresponding mushroom stems are mined as well, and vice versa.

- Massive Nether Fungi: Mining nether wart blocks, regardless of their type, will also result in mining adjacent shroomlights, and this applies both ways.

Quick Mining settings

Configuring the Mod:

Enter ;qmine prefs in the chat, then exit the chat to access the customization interface. These settings are specific to each player and won't impact others.

Safety Features:

• Tool Durability Management: Activate this feature to stop quick-mining when your specially named tool's durability is low, preventing its breakage. This is exclusive to tools with specific names.

• Ground Block Protection: This function safeguards the blocks directly under you from being rapidly mined. However, it's not foolproof. The mod doesn't differentiate the block types you're standing on, so there's a risk of falling through less stable blocks like Sand or those needing support, such as Redstone Repeaters.

• Budding Amethyst Safety: Although Budding Amethyst blocks are not subject to quick-mining, this setting prevents accidental mining of these blocks, whether you're using tools or not. However, it's not a complete safeguard. You could still break them with explosives like TNT, and this setting is ineffective against Creeper explosions. By default, this protection is turned off.

Settings for Gathered Resources:

• Automatic Item and XP Acquisition: When you mine blocks, the items and XP orbs they yield are instantly added to your inventory, provided there's space. Any items that can't fit will appear as entities near your location. XP orbs are first used to repair any equipped Mending items, and any additional experience is added to your character.

Mode for Rapid Mining:

• While Crouching: Activate rapid mining exclusively when the player is in a crouched position.
• Upright Mode: Initiate rapid mining only when the player is standing upright, not sneaking.
• Constant Activation: Set rapid mining to be active at all times.
• Deactivation: Choose to never engage rapid mining mode.

Block Quick-Mining Overview:

1. Clay, Mud, Snow: Quick-mining enabled with shovels.
2. Amethyst Buds/Clusters: Quick-mining with Silk Touch pickaxes.
3. Glowstone, Sea Lantern: Quick-mining with pickaxes.
4. Ice Variants: Quick-mining with pickaxes (Silk Touch for Packed and Blue Ice).
5. Leaves: Quick-mining with Shears or hoes.
6. Logs, Nether Fungi: Quick-mining with axes.
7. Mushroom Blocks/Stems: Quick-mining with axes.
8. Obsidian, Crying Obsidian: Quick-mining with diamond-tier pickaxes.
9. Ores: Quick-mining with various tier pickaxes (excluding Gilded Blackstone).
10. Plants/Crops: Quick-mining with hoes or shears (specific tools for certain crops).
11. Common Non-Stone Rocks (Andesite, Basalt, etc.): Quick-mining with pickaxes (disabled by default).
12. Uncommon Rocks (Blackstone, Calcite, etc.): Quick-mining with pickaxes (disabled by default).
13. Gravel, Sand Types: Quick-mining with shovels (disabled by default).
14. Sculk Variants: Quick-mining with hoes.
15. Soul Sand, Soul Soil: Quick-mining with shovels.
16. Terracotta: Quick-mining with pickaxes (excluding glazed, disabled by default).
17. Nether Wart Blocks, Shroomlight: Quick-mining with hoes.

Quick Mining

For Server Administrators: Operators can adjust global settings by entering ;qmine admin in the chat interface.

• Time Allocation for Rapid Mining (Milliseconds per Tick): Increasing this value might accelerate the quick-mining process, yet it risks causing significant server lag.


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