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MBCreatures Plus Add-on 1.20+

MBCreatures Plus Add-on 1.20+
Make your gaming experience varied and functional with the MBCreatures Plus mod. By installing this addon, players will be able to encounter many new animals, each with their own unique behavior and traits.

Main features of the mod:

• Add dynamics and life to the inhabitants of the blocky world with the help of realistic animations from this add-on.
• In every corner of the world, you will now find new inhabitants. Each species will have its own individual characteristics.
• The oceans now contain majestic sharks, fast swordfish, and many colorful fish species. Embark on fresh challenges during your adventures and explorations ahead.
• As you travel through the area, you'll encounter a variety of wildlife, from fearsome predators to cute companions that can be tamed to join you on your expeditions. Some mobs offer essential materials needed to create and sustain life.

Beneath, you'll find a selection of images showcasing the content.

MBCreatures Plus (1)

MBCreatures Plus (2)

MBCreatures Plus (3)

MBCreatures Plus (4)

MBCreatures Plus (5)


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