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Beyonds 3D Weapons Add-on 1.20+

Beyonds 3D Weapons Add-on 1.20+
If you want to expand your range of weapons for combat, then download the Beyonds 3D Weapons mod. This add-on will give you the opportunity to create and modify items for battles to suit your needs.

You will be able to obtain unique swords, hammers or scythes that have special abilities and can give you an advantage in battle without relying solely on high damage rates.

Beyonds 3D Weapons

Circus Cluster

• To shoot you need to interact.
• Shoots cluster bombs. They will call out upon contact.
• Damage: 3 units.

Circus Cluster

Basic Hammer

• You can improve and increase characteristics.

Gilded Blackstone Scythe

• You can strike in close combat by swinging.
• If you throw it, damage will be applied across the entire impact area.

Gilded Blackstone Scythe

Skull Wand

• On impact, poisons the enemy.
• As soon as the player interacts with him, he will receive a random item.
• Also gives the ability to be invisible, but not for long. To do this, sneak and click on it.

Reinforced Netherite Sword

Has several levels:

- burns creatures at a distance of 6 blocks.
- burns and at the same time gives resistance to fire.
- burns, gives spore resistance, and you can also activate the Fire Jet.

* To gain resistance to fire, the sword must be enchanted.

Reinforced Netherite Sword

Magic Items Dropped by Skull Wand

Heal Herb

• Will restore health, but the player will be blinded for 8 seconds.

Leg Break Potion

• The mobs around you will become very slow.

Stink Potion

• Mobs around you will be poisoned.


• If you wear a helmet you will gain resistance to fire.
• The breastplate will give you protection if you enchant it.
• Leggings will increase your defense by 3 units.
• Boots will speed you up and also give you a point of defense.


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