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Sword Blocking Add-on 1.21+

Sword Blocking Add-on 1.21+
With the Sword Blocking mod, you can use your sword to block enemy attacks, which allows you to reduce incoming damage by 80%. This is very convenient and adds variety to the Minecraft Bedrock combat system. And due to the fact that the addon is built on a script system, it is compatible with any other modifications.

The weapon will now have a new shield icon - this means that the sword can block attacks.


If the player has a shield, then defending with a sword will not be effective, because the shield is a priority when blocking.

Sword Blocking

What protection does a sword provide?

Melee Defense: 80% Damage
Arrow protection: 90% damage
Potion Defense: 0% Damage

Sword Blocking (1)

How to block

Hold your sword in your main hand and sneak to activate your defense. The corresponding effect will appear on the screen.

Sword Blocking (2)


You can use absolutely any sword to block, the main thing is that it is written in the code as a “sword”.

Sword Blocking (3)

Sword Blocking (4)


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