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Artillery Mod for Minecraft PE

Artillery Mod for Minecraft PE

We have selected Artillery mods for you so that you can arrange large-scale battles with your friends. Various military weapons will complement your sets of items for battle. New items are powerful and capable of destroying even large objects.


This mod adds different types of military equipment, including tanks and artillery. All new weapons have cool animations and are equipped with different types of weapons.

This add-on is perfect for playing with friends, as each player can choose equipment belonging to a certain country and make a real war with each other.

To use the tank, you just need to approach it until the button appears, and then click on it.

In order for the mod to work correctly, all experiments must be activated.

tanks artillery


To make your battles on servers epic and larger, we offer this mod. Military cannons have high power, their charge is enough to shoot down any aircraft at a long distance. Your opponent will not be greeted if he starts a battle with you, since you will have 3 types of artillery at your disposal.

Each weapon has its own charge in the inventory.

To use the equipment, approach it and press the button.

falk artillery

abilities artillery

weapons artillery


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