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Airforce Military Craft Add-on 1.20/1.19+

Airforce Military Craft Add-on 1.20/1.19+
Looking for more powerful weapons and vehicles to fight monsters? To do this, the Airforce Military Craft add-on will help you. With this addition, you can not only create an equipped military base, but also easily surf the expanses of the cubic world with the help of well-developed military equipment.

In your arsenal, you will have access to both air fighters, helicopters, as well as armored vehicles, trucks and other vehicles.

Airforce Military Craft (1)
Airforce Military Craft (2)

The author worked out the appearance as detailed as possible, adding various devices and individual characteristics.

You can use this mod for roleplaying, or just for exploration.

Airforce Military Craft (3)

What is in fashion?

A-10 Warthog

An attack aircraft that is perfect for destroying enemies. Delivers accurate hits.

A-10 Warthog

Apache attack helicopter

Excellent air transport, which attacks with missiles.

Apache Attack Helicopter

Cargo airplane

Great for cargo transportation.


A reliable car that can drive on any surface. The weapon on it is able to protect against enemy attacks.


Raptor jet fighter

If you want to control the sky, then this is for you. Modern design, fast and agile.

Raptor jet fighter

Changes in the new version

• Added more military tracks.
• Updated functionality.
• Fixed bugs.
Airforce Military Craft Add-on 1.20/1.19+


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