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Ford Model T Car Add-on 1.19+

Ford Model T Car Add-on 1.19+
Assemble the legendary car of the 20th century in your cubic world with the Ford Model T Caraddon. Like a mechanic, you will assemble a car from detail, paint it and then service it. It is a pleasure to surf the expanses of Minecraft with these vehicles.

Ford Model T is the world's first car produced in millions of series. Henry Ford, in the opinion of many, "put America on wheels" by making a new passenger car relatively affordable for the middle class American.

Powerful with good technical characteristics, reliable and comfortable car at an affordable price has become a worldwide legend and now every Minecraft fan can embody it in his world by assembling the entire structure in detail.

To enjoy driving the main car of the era, you need to craft the entire structure: body, engine, wheels. By putting all these parts together, you can create a Ford Model T.

Ford Model T (1)

Ford Model T (2)

Ford Model T (3)

Ford Model T (4)

Ford Model T (5)

Ford Model T (6)

To make the Ford functional, create gasoline and fill it in the tank by interacting with the vehicle until the tank is full.

The machine is available in 7 colors. To paint, you need to create a spray can.


• Red
• Green
• Blue
• Yellow
• Black
• White
• Orange

Ford Model T (7)

Ford Model T (8)

Ford Model T (9)


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