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Pick Up & Carry Add-on 1.20+

Pick Up & Carry Add-on 1.20+
Pick Up & Carry Addon has great practicality during your Minecraft survival. Now you can pick up a mob without bait. So, you can quickly transfer who you want and where you want.

The modification has several features of use in Minecraft. Firstly, this technique does not work in water - the mob or the player simply falls. Secondly, the hero receives a slowdown in Minecraft if he carries a creature in his arms.

In order to capture a mob, it needs to be stationary and not in motion. It's important to ensure that your character's hands in MCBE are empty; otherwise, the mob cannot be picked up. Exercise caution when releasing the entity, as it will be set free upon falling. Enjoy your gaming experience!

What is the process for capturing a creature?

Position yourself as close as possible to the desired mob or player. Simultaneously press the sneak and jump buttons. Likewise, an entity can be dropped or released using a similar method.

Through the /function pickupcarry_config command, you can configure some parameters.

Pick Up & Carry

Changes in the new version

• You can get mobs from the boat.
• Improved animations.
• Fixed critical bugs.


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