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PE/Bedrock/EDU Speedrun Seed

PE/Bedrock/EDU Speedrun Seed
We know how much you love seeds, so today we will introduce you to SpeedrunSeed. This option is suitable for players who want a fast and high-quality game.
You spawn near a village with a desert temple. There you will also find a destroyed portal through which you can get to the top of this temple. From there you have a great view of the village and you can also buy some items from merchants.
If you have time, you can go further from the village and find the end portal.

Exploring the territory of this seed, you can find a blacksmith's chest. Open it and you will get a lot of cool items from the blacksmith and leatherworker.

Look at some screenshots of this location:

PE/Bedrock/EDU Speedrun Seed (1)

PE/Bedrock/EDU Speedrun Seed (2)

To quickly find a seed, use the coordinates below:

PE/Bedrock/EDU Speedrun Seed (3)

To find the end portal - 968, 40 1036.
The first village is 922 71 122.
Second village - 1075 55 514.
The third village, there you will find a temple - 970 71 986.

PE/Bedrock/EDU Speedrun Seed (4)

Use ID to find a seed


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