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Combat Plus Texture Pack

Combat Plus Texture Pack
Surely many people know about the Toolbelt mod for Minecraft Java, which adds a belt that displays all the items placed on it? So, now this feature has appeared in the Bedrock version.

The Combat+ texture pack will give the player a belt with the ability to display all objects and blocks placed on it. If you place tools, a shield, or a sword on the quick access toolbar, they will hang on your back or side.

Working subjects

  • The sword is on the player's right side
  • Trident - back
  • Shield - back
  • Arrow - display the quiver on the back
  • Pickaxe or axe - on the player's left side
  • The totem of immortality is on the front of the belt
  • Bow and crossbow

All discarded items are displayed on the front of the belt

To activate the belt, you just need to place the desired item on the quick access toolbar (hotbar).

Combat Plus (1)

Combat Plus (2)

Combat Plus (3)

Combat Plus (4)


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