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Modified Vanilla Tools Texture Pack

Modified Vanilla Tools Texture Pack
If you thought you would like to change the textures of some of the tools and weapons in Vanilla Minecraft, then they already did it for you. Modified Vanilla Tools is an add-on that styles and modernizes the textures of items, but does not change their characteristics.

With the help of it, new details will be added to weapons and tools and their power will be shown. Of course, this is much more convenient and generally simplifies the gameplay. Enjoy the game using this pack.

The Modified Vanilla Tools set changes the look of the tools for a more detailed and efficient one.

Screenshots of some of the changes are presented for clarity.

For example, wooden tools with this pack look like this

Changed Wooden Tools

Stone tools

Stone tools

Improved golden tools

golden tools

New diamond tools

diamond tools

Netherit tools in a new texture.

Netherit tools


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