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Enhance Vanilla Texture (WIP)

Enhance Vanilla Texture (WIP)

Enhance Vanilla Texture (WIP) is a texture pack that enhances and adjusts the graphics in gameplay from Vanilla Minecraft. All this is done for even more enjoyment of the game in the survival mode.

Improvements have been made to some items, indicators, celestial bodies and other elements.

This improvement is still under development, so there may be some points in the process.

What changes awaits you with this pack? The list along with a photo is presented below.

Well, first of all, there is a сhange in the texture of the door.

Changed Door Texture

Improvements have also been made to Netherite's tools.

Improve Netherite Tools

Glass without borders.

Borderless Glass

Serrated Helmet Graphics.

Notch Helmet

Transparent Jack O 'Lantern Overlay has changed.

Transparent Jack O' Lantern Overlay

Clean Redstone now looks like this.

Clean Redstone

Armor Stand Hand.

Armour Stand Hand Texture

Note the display of the Numbered Quick Access Toolbar.

Numbered Hotbar

Full leather armor.

Full Leather Armor

Now the Circular Sun and Moon looks like this.

Circular Sun and Moon
Circular Sun and Moon (1)

Totem wing graphics.

Totem Wing Texture

This is texture of pumpkin and melon stalk texture.

Pumpkin and Melon Stem

Changes to the texture of wooden tools.

Improved Wooden Tools

Also stone tools.

Improved Stone Tools

Added another block breaking animation.

New Block Breaking Animation

Improved texture of Indicator, crossbow and damage to anvil, chest that is stuck.

Bow Indicator

Symmetrical command block structure looks like this.

Symmetrical Command Block Texture

And at the end of the Boundary Ore schedule.

Bordered Ores

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