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MultiPixel Texture Pack

MultiPixel Texture Pack
MultiPixel Texture Pack

Are you tired of the familiar and boring textures in the Minecraft world? Did you want to change the textures while keeping the vanilla look? If yes, then the new unique 32x textures are what you need. We present you with a new pack of HD textures called MultiPixel. This pack of textures will allow players to improve the textures of their Minecraft world, making it truly colorful and interesting. This texture pack will change the existing default textures in your world.

The pixel size in the new texture pack is 16x16, which is twice the resolution and better than the existing default textures. In other words, the new texture pack is twice as good as the previous ones. Let's take a look at the features of the new texture pack below.

Features of the MultiPixel texture pack

As mentioned earlier, new textures improve the existing textures of your world by default with new, more colorful, and interesting ones. Below you can see screenshots of how your world will change:

Features of use:

1. Open the Global game settings in Minecraft settings;
2. Click to select the given texture pack to use.
3. Click on the button depicted in the form of wrenches:

4. After that, just close the game settings screen.

Below you can see how the textures will look like:
1. Mobile version of the game Minecraft PE:

2. PC version of Minecraft Java (game version or higher is required):

What will be changed in the Java version of the Minecraft game:

Particles of campfire smoke;
Colors of water;
The render of Glow Squid and Blaze;
Icons of the controller;
Translucent destructed particles of blocks;
Models of cats;
Different bars;
Particles of glowing squid;
Different fonts;
Animation of Zombified Piglin;
Particles of sculk;
Random horizontal deepslates;
Particles of crit hit;
Cracked Iron Golem;
Models of beds;
Bricks of Nether;
Blocks of Isotropic;
No rotation of particles;
Spawn eggs;
Splash Potions of Instant Damage;
Splash Potions of Instant Health Particles;
Effects of flame;
The door of crimson;
Particles of Exploding;
Animations of villager;
Trident riptide;
2D Fishing Hooks;
Rain and snow;
Dried kelp;
Flip blocks;
Animation of drowning;
Sculk sensor;
Rotation of carried items;
Model of Fireworks;
Creeper Fired Light;
Certain colors of UI;
Animations of zombies;
Warped stem top;
Splashes text;
Illager banner;
Crimson stem top;
Particles of Vibration;
Arms of Armor Stand;
Nautilus particles;
Wither Armor Scales;
Animation of piglins.

MultiPixel (1)

MultiPixel (2)

MultiPixel (3)

MultiPixel (4)

MultiPixel (5)

MultiPixel (6)

MultiPixel (7)

MultiPixel (8)

Using the additional RTX pack for the beta version of the game, you can add RTX to Minecraft. Only for the PC version of the Minecraft game!


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