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Brightore X-Ray Texture Pack

Brightore X-Ray Texture Pack
If you want to quickly find ores and still not use night vision, then Brightore X-Ray textures are especially for you. This build gives all blocks new textures with a high level of traffic, similar to the type of lanterns. Therefore, now you will see all the resources without problems, even in the upper world, even in the lower world.


• Does not work with other textures.
• Gives brightness level 15 to all ores.
• If the resource is far behind the blocks, it will not be visible.
• You need to turn off the smooth lighting in the settings.
• Rendering set to a maximum of 12.

On the screenshots you can see how the world will look now with the new changes.

Brightore X-Ray (1)

Brightore X-Ray (2)

Brightore X-Ray (3)


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