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Ultra Realistic Shader

Ultra Realistic Shader
Imagine being transported to a realm of unparalleled realism in MCPE that rivals RTX's visuals. Your fantasies have come true! Immerse yourself in a magical realm brought to life by the Ultra Realistic shader that combines these revolutionary achievements.

The assembly is designed exclusively for Android and iOS devices. This set sets a new standard for the game's visual charm and takes it to heights you never knew existed.

From the mesmerizing reflections dancing on the water's surface, the quivering leaves, to the mesmerizing underwater light refractions that will undoubtedly captivate your senses - once you've experienced this, there's no returning to the plain vanilla world.


• A large palette of color combinations and high-quality color reproduction.
• The lighting is soft and natural.
• The sky has acquired new shades, clouds and other celestial bodies have changed.
• A mirror reflection and waves appeared on the water.
• On the trees, the leaves and plants sway a little.
• Wonderful scenery during sunset and sunrise.
• Natural fog gives a realistic atmosphere.


Ultra Realistic Shader (1)

Ultra Realistic Shader (2)

Ultra Realistic Shader (3)


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